Our seminars are always delivered by specialists with knowledge of the latest practice, research and theories in the field. They play a crucial role in improving quality standards within the hospitality sector and creating new generations of professionals with the skills and knowledge to enjoy fulfilment and financial success within the industry.

We hold between 6 and 12  seminars annually in our target countries.

Our current seminar programme focuses on:

  • Business Culture
  • Business Ethics
  • Case Studies for Management of Education and Training
  • Culinary Art and International Guest Satisfaction
  • Destination Marketing focusing on local and specialised products
  • Food and Beverage Management
  • Merchandising and Upselling: Food and Beverage matching
  • Hotel Operations, Tactics and Strategy (HOTS)
  • Revenue Management in Hotels and Restaurants
  • Service Quality and Cultural Dimensions of Service Quality
  • Service Quality and Successful SMEs

Our seminar programme is coordinated by:

Dr. Elizabeth Ineson (formerly of Manchester Metropolitan University; currently, Visiting Academic at MMU).